Want to add $100k+ 
to your Catering Business in '21?

But, you don't have the money to invest in marketing, equipment, not to mention the time or the staff to put it all together.  We have a solution.  Keep reading.

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Cater our events!

The past 9 months has been absolutely brutal.  Completely handcuffing every business that depends on social gatherings. 

We've rescheduled a full 80% of 2020 events into next year and like us you might be looking for new ways to recalibrate for the upcoming year. 

Can you relate?  Is your team scrambling to create a new revenue source to make it through this catastrophic year? 

We're outsourcing our Catering. Interested?

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Loft 310

Downtown Kalamazoo Event Venues

Located in the Entertainment District, downtown Kalamazoo, with 13 unique venues on half a city block
we specialize in all inclusive events including catering, bar, decor and entertainment .  

We are collaborating on 3+ catering partnerships to provide high quality food to our more than 100 events. Be a preferred catering vendor for our 2k+ leads... and have the ability to execute our menu + sell your menu into all of our spaces as a preferred vendor.




Sold by Loft 310
@ 50% Food Sales
[ 30 events x $3.3k = $100k ]
30+  Offsite Events

Sold by Caterer
@ 100% Food Sales
[ 30 events x $6k = $180k ]
30+ Potential Onsite Events 

Sold by Caterer
@90% Food Sales
[ 30 events x $5.5k = $170k ]

FREE Marketing!

We will share your business through google, FB, instagram and youtube through Loft 310's multiple brands.

Grow your reviews through collaboration.  

Get more clients with no marketing costs that dip into your profit.  We supply a guaranteed 30+ clients.

Exposure to 2k yearly inquires.

Promotion to 50k+ unique Loft 310 website visitors through the Loft Preferred Vendors Program whether they book Loft 310 or not.

Let us INVEST in your company!

FREE use of our equipment, china, flatware, glassware, kitchens and prep spaces.

No extra equipment investment or maintenance upfront or over time.

Grow your business without the overhead that is standardly required to scale.

Let us handle the client meetings.  Our coordination team will handle all changes and planning, simply sending you the worksheet to execute production.

The ability to project GUARANTEED revenue 6mo.-2yrs. in advance.

The freedom to focus on what you do incredibly well, delicious food

Overall, boost revenue at little to no risk to your company!

The Partnership

  • Replicate Loft 310 menu consistently with high standards.

  • Produce high quality food at both Scheduled Monthly Tastings + Events.

  • Deliver, plate and load hot boxes with correct timing to ensure high quality food and utilize onsite plating rooms for all events in all venues [ Loft 310, Upper Loft, Gatsby, SkyDeck, The Chapel, Wild Bull ].

  • All food must be onsite (3) hours before events + plated & in hot box (1) hour prior to event.

  • Audit and review every event with required online form to ensure CANI focus.

  • A focus on increasing positive reviews for food quality for all events.

  • Utilize company task management system Clickup for planning, reporting and communication
    with Loft 310 team.

  • Uphold all preferred vendor policies and requirements.

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5+ yrs of Quality & Volume Catering

Commercial Catering Kitchen within 15 mi.

Significant Positive Reviews Online

5 References 

A History of Quality, Dependability & Warranty

Liability Insurance

Food LIcense


Payment: 50% payment 14 dys prior to event + 50% paid 7 dys following event.

Warranty: Caterer will take responsibility for food quality up to the hotbox or buffet spread and be willing to refund any amount that is legitimately requested by the client due to incorrect or poor quality food due to caterer error.

No Solicitation.